Workforce Management

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  1. Managing Your Conversion Rate
  2. Transferring New Ideas / Procedures Across Your Chain
  3. Effective Labor Management
  4. Properly Utilizing Retail Benchmarks

Our store operations consulting team has assisted clients in every format of retail to better manage their labor expense. That process is relatively complex and needs to be tailored to the format and capabilities of each specific retail organization. Our labor management experience base ranges from basic spreadsheet based calculations up to and including the new (complex) multi-variable equation solving scheduling systems. We can assist you to improve your labor management effectiveness with…

  • Labor Management Strategy Development
  • (Current) Scheduling Process Assessment
  • Procedural Best Practices
  • Procedures Manual Development
  • Model Store Programs
  • Labor Standards Development
  • Merchandise Processing/Flow Improvement
  • Forecasting Mechanisms
  • Rollout (Chain-Wide Transfer) Programs
  • Operational Training
  • Field Management Training
  • Management/Leadership Training

Sample Deliverables:

Typical Workforce Management Program deliverables include net operating expense reductions of 50 to 100 basis points, improved (on-going) sales revenue, an improved service environment due to improved staffing, better trained store associates, and more effective store and field leadership.

  • For a national Cosmetics retailer we performed a detailed store operations and workforce management system assessment identifying dramatic opportunities for improvement and a 70x ROI
  • For a national Crafts & Notions retailer our team developed new store operating procedures, implemented and tested the procedures in a select group of "model stores", developed new labor standards, and implemented a new chain-wide Workforce Management Platform – generating a substantial ROI
  • For a national Supermarket chain we performed a full workforce management assessment, developed new procedures and labor standards in a model store environment, and provided guidance on a chain-wide rollout process which reduced labor by $20 million annually
  • For a recent national Specialty Store chain we developed and implemented new store operating procedures and a new service environment helping them to revive a slump in sales and more effectively deal with competition

WFM Project Approach

All of Atlanta Retail Consulting’s engagements are unique and are structured to reflect the needs of the client organization we are assisting. The approach to be employed is decided up-front with the client, to insure their approval and support. Often we find that our client’s current WFM effectiveness is as shown in the (actual client) graphics shown to the left in the sidebar thumbnails.

In order to address this situation, a Project Approach that is selected by many of our Store Operations Work Force Management clients often includes the following key components (in this general order):

  1. Labor Management Strategy Review
  2. (Current) Scheduling Process Assessment (Procedures, Process, and System)
  3. Revised Labor Management Strategy Development / Refinement
  4. Model Store (multiple) Observations & Observed Productivity Level Documentation
  5. Best Practices Procedures Refinement / Development
  6. New Procedures Testing & Refinement
  7. New Labor Standards Development (reflecting new, more efficient procedures)
  8. WFM System Install / Configuration or Refinement / Upgrade to Existing System
  9. Final Labor Standards / WFM System Testing & Verification
  10. Procedures Manual Modification / Development
  11. Roll-Out / Transfer Strategy Development
  12. Train-The-Trainer Process to Prepare for Roll-Out Oversight
  13. Field Management Training
  14. Cascade Roll-Out Process to Stores
  15. Roll-Out Process Oversight and Results Measurement

Our WFM System expertise includes decades of experience implementing and refining key retail WFM software solutions – ranging from the most basic to more-robust/complex solutions. We can assist you to review and upgrade / implement all of the key solutions available today, such as:

  1. Excel based “required hours” solutions
  2. Shift-Based Systems
  3. SAP’s (Work Force Deployment System)
  4. Kronos
  5. Work Brain
  6. Reflexis
  7. WorkPlace
  8. JDA
  9. Tomax
  10. Red Prairie